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Handcrafted Luxury customised creations, our Signatures, empowering people to gather, inspire meaningful conversations and birth a new economy of hope and purpose.
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We believe existential luxury will be one of the themes that will take centre stage in 2020 and beyond. Luxury brands will do some introspection and redefine their purpose to reflect societal shifts better. Luxury will be distilled to its very essence - raw, sensible, deeply rooted in craftsmanship and fuelled by creative & authentic innovation. To stay relevant, luxury brands will indeed need to create a deeper and more meaningful experiences with their modern affluent customers, deliver a new range of personalised experiences and innovativeting both their business models and value propositions to fit modern digital-infused lifestyles. In short, empower individual identities and expressions Author #luxedigital creator & designer #arthurlam by #monartsignatures

Our world will
never be the same

Once upon a time the birth of the human race was created. Creation gave us a breath of fresh air, companionship, ideas and resources, inspiring to enrich our existence forever. As we fast forward to "today", many of us are confronted with an ever-changing society, often missing our purpose for being, leading us to face a future of uncertainty. Yet, within these ever-changing times a collective growing group of people have come together. Together to give humanity a renewed purpose through our customised creations. Creations that ignite enriching conversations, connections and as we unite together we are creating a newfound economy. Today, it is our collective mandate to share our a new found "Creations", representing style, creations empowering you and every individual with a newfound wealth. "We are a Monart Signatures Agent of Change"


Our creations are handcrafted from earth’s natural resources empowering every individual to make their statement through personalised style and beauty.


United we birth live to our Handcrafted Creations. Our events serve to provide you empowering engaging, style and wealth creation experiences.


We turn our Brand inside out and united we become an Agent of change and chance. United we thrive in purposeful and meaningful experiences.