Who is a MS ViP?
A person thats has been referred by a MS Agent and has bought one of Monart Signatures range of product or services.

Who is a MS Agent?
A person that has registered as an “Affiliate” and authorized to resell Monart Signatures products and services.

How can I buy a ring or receive a custom made service?
You may buy a ring or use Monart Signatures custom made services by being referred by a registered MS Agent either online or offline through a MS ViP event or a private presentation.

How to buy your ring?
All our products are sold through MS Agent invites only. They will provide you an invitation to link to purchase your desired ring.

How do I know my ring size?
See ring size chart how to measure your ring size for your desired finger if uncertain please contact your preferred MS Agent.

How long will it take to receive my ring?
During our soft launch starting in february 2021 we aim to fulfil all order requirements within 6-8 weeks from full payment.

Why does my ring look different from the website or was presented in a private setting?
All our rings are handcrafted from naturally available resources and materials and we do not rely on mass production. Especially with gemstone the colour variation may differ which makes it unique. Monart Signatures and their creators take each individual customer’s order with care and attention making all our products to be of high crafted quality.

Why does it take longer to receive my ring than the normal 4-6 weeks?
First, we do not condone mass production as we believe in the “Create by Demand” business model. Each ring is individually handcrafted from naturally sourced materials and gemstones

Can I / we have a custom designed ring, family (signet) ring, company ring?
Yes you can. Please provide us with the desired style, clear pictures, design (if available), desired materials (example silver, gold, carats) gemstones, volume and sizes. Your preferred MS Agent will then draw up a purchase sales agreement.

How can we use a Custom Designed ring for our capital raising project?
You provide your preferred MS Agent with the necessary information, see previous question.
Including the amount you aspire to raise and your MS Agent will provide you with the possible options.

Is Monart Signatures a licensed platform to raise capital?
No, we do not raise capital but will sell customer designed rings and our signature range of rings. Part of the profits see our MS Agent Rewards program as an example and part of the sales commissions are saved to raise the desired capital amount.

Do you accept any Product Returns?
We do not accept product returns as each and every ring supplied is made by customer demand. From time to time your MS Agent may agree to part credit towards any changes of the ring bought.

When will the MS Agents rewards be paid?
All rewards payment will be paid once all funds have been received, all payments will be paid to your Paypal or Stripe registered email address, see your Dashboard for email payment registration.

How can I contact customer support?
For any inquiries please contact your preferred MS Agent, if unreachable then contact us through the following email address