Lifetime Commissions:

Lifetime commissions of up to 30% on all your referred MS ViP’s (customers) and MS Agents personal orders transacted on the Monart Signatures website “”.

Leadership Bonuses:

Monthly Leadership bonuses will be rewarded in the form of product purchasing credit. 

Country MS Agents Founders Pool:

Each *MS Agent Founder, 100-500 per country will benefit from the global sales pool paid out quarterly. The Global Sales Bonuses are calculated on the retail price minus the Lifetime Referral Commissions. Example a ring for $3000 minus 30% equals $2100 bonus pool value.  Each founder must at least generate $5000 in personal orders/sales per annum to qualify for the Global Sales Bonus pool.

*MS Agent Founder, are the first <500 agents ( numbers may vary from country to country) that purchase a MS Agent presentation case, see shop.   

MS Custom Made:

Monart Signatures would be honoured to help you create your own Signatures whether this represents your family, business, organization, product *capital raising strategy.

Minimum orders are required. Please ask your MS Agent or contact us directly for more information. 

*Capital Raising Strategy:

A is a strategy for creative entrepreneurs to use a personalised and customised “Ring” that represents as a gift for their financial supporters. Part of the retail purchase orders profits (<50%) will go towards the capital required. As an example, company or startup A wants to raise $250.000 AUD, we may create a personal designed ring worth $5000 RRP and 50% of the retail would flow back to the capital raising fund. 

The capital raising supporter would receive their personal Signatures Ring plus any attached benefit the Capital Raiser may offer. In this example we would make 100 rings available at $5000 equalling $500.000 x 50% equals $250.000. Your MS Agent can support you in customising your capital raising offer.